The rural area known today as Wawaset had early beginnings as a fording location across the western branch of the Brandywine Creek.

Prior to 1834 the rural area was known as Seeds' Ford, so named for the farm family that owned significant acreage on either side of the Brandywine at that location. Emmor Seeds owned the farm property on the north side of the Brandywine and his brother George owned property to the southeast across the creek.


The origins of naming Wawaset

Courtesty Chester County Historical Society


The village of Wawaset is two miles down-river from Northbrook.  It was called Seed’s Ford until 1834, named for Emmor Seeds, a farmer who owned the land across the river. It was re-named Seed’s Bridge after the West Chester-Unionville road spanned the Brandywine.  The Wilmington and Northern adopted this name when it built a station in 1870 at the west end of the bridge.  Thus it remained for only a few years, until it was re-named Wawaset.

There are two widely differing stories about this change of name.