Oral Histories

Mary Pratt McKay Interview

Mary Pratt McKay                   May 10, 2010

The Pocopson Township Historical Committee is at the home of Doug Fearn in Pocopson Township, and we are interviewing Mary Pratt McKay. Pat Burnett, Alta Hoffman, and Doug Fearn are present.

DF: Mary, to begin with, can you tell us where you were born and when?

MPM: Chester County Hospital, October 15, 1934.

DF: And where was your family living at that time?

MPM: The Cochran house on Route 52. It’s a brick house across from the Mews of Radley Run. And it was a apartment in there.

Alma Struble Interview


SEPTEMBER 17, 2001



CB:  This I an interview between Alma Struble and Carol Budzinski on September 17, 2001.  It is taking place in Alma’s home on Marlborough Rd. in Pocopson Township.  Alma has lived in the township how long, Alma?


AS:  I’ve lived here 53 years.